When I grow up, I’m going to try not to be what happened to me. I’m going to be whatever the fuck I want, but unhappy is not one of them.


Wisdom Wednesday #44 – Secrets

Illuminated VOICE

we-all-have-secretsHappy Wednesday. I hope your week is going well. I think I was 15 years old when I began to see the inter-connectivity of humanity. When I was a freshman in high school, I was seen as a student leader and was selected to attend and attended a week long diversity training program. This program addressed issues of racism, sexism, classism, gender, disability, sexuality, agism and religion i.e. all the ways we use to break down society and separate ourselves. The program created a safe space for people to speak their truths and identify with harsh realities of life from abuse, hunger, homelessness, hate, harsh experiences of being socialized as a boy or a girl etc. That program sparked my interest to be a filmmaker so that I could share stories that brought people together in understanding.

Now that I am older, I have a deeper sense of our inter-connectivity…

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5 Inspiring Ted Talks for Twenty-Somethings

SheWolf Adventures

Since taking a demotion and changingcareer paths I have discovered I have all of this new found energy and free time. I’m finishing at 5pm on the dot and am no longer stressed, exhausted and burnt out – amazing what a difference not hating your job can have!

I’m aware there are limits to how much development and learning I can gain in my new role, so have been trying to maximise this free time outside of work to focus on professional and personal development. As part of that, I have started using my commute time as a chance to learn, listening to TED talks.

(The TED mobile app is great as it gives you the option to download the audio of any of their talks, so you can listen to them offline without using all of your mobile data, and you can also bookmark interesting talks for later)


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it’s natural to be afraid,
the birth and death of the day.
this is your
and the cure,
saying so long, lonesome,
and welcome, ghosts.
will you ever not
be haunted, asking
“what do you go home to?”


Michael Prihoda was born in the Midwest. He is still there. He is the founding editor of After the Pause literary magazine and he spends a lot of time watching Modern Family when he should be writing. He tweets @michaelprihoda and blogs at michaelprihoda.wordpress.com.

Note: these poems entirely constructed from the song titles of music albums, said album becoming the poem’s title. The genre is experimental found poetry. The artist can be found here.

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